One Health Camp 2021 - Group 4

One Health Camp 2021 - Group 4

One Health Camp 2021 - Group 4

31/12/2021 2:08:19 PM | 257

One Health Student Camp 2021 - Avian Influenza Risk Communication

The One Health Camp - OHC 2021 was held by Vietnam One Health University Network via an online channel from May to August 2021. 40 students were selected into the main camp by a selected round.

40 students were divided into 4 groups to participate in 3 parts of the main camp:

- 1st part: Online test by Mentimetter:

- 2nd part: Online debate with two rounds: selected and final round

+ 1st selected round:

+ 2nd selected round:

+ Final round:

- 3rd part: Communication Video develop by 4 groups with the topic on Avian Influenza ___________________________________________________________________________

This is the submission of the Group 3 If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to leave them here. Thank you!

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