SEAOHUN Fellowship Program

What are the objectives of the fellowship?

• To provide fellows with practical, trans-disciplinary experience in One Health projects and programs

• To encourage fellows to integrate and apply One Health experience and knowledge into their professional practice

• To develop and foster an active community of fellowship alumni for the One Health Workforce

What are the host organizations?

Approved international organizations are those concerned with animal and/or human public health, including OIE SRR-SEA, CIRAD, ILRI, and PREDICT Indonesia. See the application packet for a complete list.

Who may apply?

Current graduate students and faculty members under age 40 from the fields of Public Health, medicine, nursing, veterinary medicine, epidemiology, laboratory sciences, environmental health and other related fields. Applicants must be citizens of SEAOHUN member and expansion countries; Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. Applicants must have professional competency in spoken and written English. Priority will be given to transdisciplinary fellowships (i.e. a veterinarian wishing to fellowship with a human health organization).

How many fellowships will be awarded?

Six fellowships will be funded in 2017.

What is the length of the fellowship?

Fellowships must be at least 3 months and not longer than 5 months in duration.

Where can the fellowships take place?

Fellowships will be based in designated host organization offices in SEAOHUN member or expansion countries. The fellowship may not take place in the applicants’ country of origin.

What type of support is included?

• A monthly stipend of approximately $1,500

• One return, economy class international air ticket

• Travel insurance and VISA fees if required

What are the deadlines?

• Applications must be received by March 31st, 2017

(5pm, Bangkok time)

• Successful applicants will be notified by April 21st, 2017,

through SEAOHUN facebook and website.

• A mandatory One Health orientation will be held in May, 2017

• All fellowships must be completed by December 31st, 2017

Contact person:

Ms. Jutamart Jattuchai (May)

Project officer, SEAOHUN Foundation at [email protected]

For more detail and application form:

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