What One Health is!

What is one health?

A health is a broad concept, reflecting any relationship between human health, animals and the environment. From a public health perspective, the ultimate goal of One Health (MSK) is how to get the best human MSK. In other words, human health is considered central and placed in relation to animal health and the environment. From the perspective of Veterinary Medicine, the field of Community Veterinary Medicine is considered to be the contribution of Veterinary Medicine to Public Health in the One Health approach.

One Health is the integrative effort of multiple disciplines working locally, nationally, and globally to attain optimal health for people, animals, and the environment. (FAO, OIE et al. 2008)

One Health is understood as a zoonosis precaution by controlling infection and disease in animal populations in ecosystems. (Anonymous 2011)

One Health core competencies

Capacity is a combination of knowledge, skills and essential skills of each expert to perform the work effectively.

One Health ability is a combination of knowledge One health, skills and abilities of each One Health team member in solving health problems. One health capacity consists of 15 modules: 7 core competency modules and 8 technical modules.

Core competencies are the foundation for technical modules, providing skills and knowledge to apply technical expertise in a One Health context. These capacities are interdependent. For example: want to change behavior that requires a health professional to understand how culture and beliefs affect the disease of individuals and communities; Public health requires leadership and cooperation skills to develop and implement policies and regulations.

Technical capacities are also interdependent.

Reference: One Health Core competency, National Coordination Office One Health Network of Vietnamese Universities