Grant Writing Workshop

From 20 August to 25 August 2013, the workshop on how to write a grant, which is in the framework of the Vietnam One Health University Network (VOHUN), was held in Da Nang, Vietnam. The two facilitators from the workshop are Prof. Beth A. Virning – University of Minnesota, School of Public Health and Prof. Raymond Hyatt – Tuffs University School of Medicine. The four-day workshop hoped to provide the participants with capacity to design the framework for a research project and develop a draft grant application to seek funding for the research proposal. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to search for a funding vehicle or possible sources of funds, to determine staffing, budget, and other related matters for a grant application, to indentify the partners needed to complete the project, to design the appropriate methodology to meet the study goals or aims, to craft a statement of impact and significance for the research proposed, to analyze how, when and where the findings can be published.

Participants at the workshop

After 4 days, five grant proposals have been drafted. Despite the fact that they are only parts of the workshop exercise, all the proposals were well-received by the facilitators and reflected the success of the workshop in terms of meeting all the proposed goals.

More details of the course and course material can be found here

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