One Health Student Camp is waiting for YOU

The first One Health Student Camp was held in 2019 with the participation of both international and Vietnamese students. VOHUN NCO has gained a lot of comment about the camp with the benefits that they got through the One Health Camp. Continuing the success of two camps in 2019 and 2020, VOHUN NCO announces opening the application for the third “One Health Camp – Avian Flu Risk Communication” which will be happened in Can Tho in August 2021.

Who could apply? Students who are studying at VOHUN university members.

How to apply? Students need to pass the first round of selection with three main exams:

  1. Register at: (Before main exams)
  2. Submit your assignment on the topic: Many people are hesitant to get a COVID-19 vaccine because of its side effects reported on mass media. Write an essay to express your opinion about this issue
  3. Submit your video on the topic: In your opinion, to successfully organize a risk communication activity in the community, what skills do you need to prepare yourself? Which skill do you think is the most important?
  4. Online test with 20 questions (The link will be sent on 15 June 2021).

For the 2 and 3, please submit it via email: [email protected]

The final list of participants will be published on July 10, 2021

For more information, please click the LINK or contact Ms. Tuyen (+84) 24 6327 5050 or [email protected]


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