My One Health student’s life…

Dear VOHUN’ students,

I am writing this letter when I just finished my challenge time at One Health Camp – Rabies Risk Communication which happened from 24th – 26th July 2020 in Nghe An province.

I’m so honor and appreciated to be apart of OH camp this year. There’s no word that can show my emotion now which is overwhelming of joys mixed with the pride of being OH’s family member.

All I can say just in one word include 4 letters “SEED” stands for Solidarity, Encouraged, Effective, and Developed that I gained experiences during this memorable time.

I learned that students are the youngest and also the most valuable “seed” to grow up the OH workforce in the future, it could be seen as the reason when VOHUN gave us this opportunity to work together and make a passion fire in each mind.

Thanks to the OH camp, we had a chance to work together with so many exciting moments, including the time we prepared for the main camp; team building, or hanging out all the corners in Vinh City. By working together, we figured out how to collaborate to students who are studying in different disciplinaries, for me, students from veterinary, public health, nursing or food technology are so intelligent, they surprised me not only One Health knowledge but also OH core competencies in working with the community.

We also realized the plan could be different from the reality and learned how to deal with this cases, we all used to built perfect strategy and expected the monumental result but in fact, everything wasn’t as schedule but no matter how hard it is, applying OH core competencies, we could easily adapt with the new situation and have flexible tackle then finally, at the end of the activity, what we received was applause and a bunch of words of thanks from local people. It is the greatest result for us – students who still sit at the lecture hall and learn about what we would do in the future. This camp is the best experience that all students should take once during student life.

At that moment, I dreamed that our mission is “great seed” of VOHUN’s future and hope to accompany the network to continue training the next generation of seeds.

The One Health Camp – Rabies Risk Communication took three days, it is not too long duration but we gain lots of experiences and knowledge, we tried to connect via online channel though 01 month before meeting face to face in Vinh province. Then, I remembered the time our team worked until midnight even early morning, everyone was so stressed and tired but “Solidarity” is the only power to overcome it all and it is true: “ Together we can change the world !”.

But solidarity is not enough, if one person gave up or disagreed, the rest would be affected, At that time we spent “Encouragement” for each other and we also received a lot of encouragement from advising teachers: “Fighting! Keep up your spirit hah” ! or “ Try our best, yeah !”. That is the way that made us always smile whatever happened. After 03 hard – working days, not only have our team succeed but also other teams have achieved highly Effective work too.

Through this camp, I found my self Developed in many aspects, especially in teamwork and presentation. I and my team aware of what is my strength, my weakness, we are finally thankful for this opportunity to be together and be stronger.

Love you all from the bottom of my heart


From Nguyen Thi Mai Thao – Leader of Team 4 – One Health Camp – Rabies Risk Communication, July 2020

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