One Health Workforce – Next Generation COVID-19 Digital Awareness Challenge

One Health Workforce -Next Generation (OHW-NG), in collaboration with AFROHUN AND SEAOHUN, invites current One Health students (SOHICs, OHSC, etc.) to the COVID-19 digital awareness challenge. Raise awareness in your community via preparing outreach materials (posters/cartoons/videos) that you can share with your community.


What we are looking for Digital content ( ex., poster, flyer, cartoon, 2-3min videos) to answer at least one of the following questions:

• What is COVID-19?
• How is the COVID-19 transmitted?
• How to prevent individuals from getting infected?
• What message would you share with your community about COVID-19? 

Submission process:
You can submit your application to: 


– All students both undergraduate and graduate from the SEA countries are welcome to participate individually or in group.

– All students should follow government regulations (confinement, social distancing, masks, ..). Any submissions that break governmental guidelines would be excluded.

– Submissions must be original content. If submission is not in English, please also submit a translation or a summary in English. Content should be appropriate for all literacy levels.


Review Criteria: Submissions will be judged by a panel on the strength, relevance and artwork and communication skills. All students are welcome to participate. Multidisciplinary teams are highly encouraged.

A winner will be selected for each of the following material:
1-Best video
2-Best flyer/poster
3-Most innovative digital content

Prizes will be available(will not exceed $4000)and selected submission will be published on OHW-NG digital platforms and websites.


For Vietnam inquiries, please contact: Ms. Pham Thi Thanh Phuong, [email protected]

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