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The Training of Trainers in One Health Core Competencies

The Training of Trainers in One Health Core Competencies was organized from 24-28 May, 2016 at Muong Thanh Song Lam Hotel, Vinh City. More than 40 participants attended the training course, including representatives of 18 faculty/ university members and trainers from the USA, SEAOHUN and VOHUN.

The training course provided an overview of One Health, specifically One Health Core Competencies. Trainers from SEAOHUN, VOHUN, and USA were very engaging and brought mini-games into the course to create interesting lectures and ways of learning. At the beginning of the training, participants also had a chance to present their views on the most important zoonoses issues in each province. During the four days, participants were provided with information on 7 One Health Core Competencies, including: Leadership, Ethics and Values, Management, Collaboration and Partnership, Communication, System Thinking and Culture and Beliefs..

On Day One, Dr. Pham Duc Phuc gave an overview of One Health and the Core Competencies and Prof. Nguyen Duy Phong discussed zoonoses. In the afternoon, two experts gave an overview of Leadership and Management and the differences between the two. There was also an introduction to Systems Mapping.

On Day Two, there was a fieldtrip to Muong Thanh Safari Land for the training case studies. The soon-to-be trainers participated in a discussion of issues that were occurring at the zoo and identified One Health problems.

On Day Four, the group focused on the Culture and Beliefs core competency by creating a play that encouraged the teams to look at Vietnamese local culture and health issues. At the end of the play, the group had a debate about Culture and Belief issues in One Health.

Dr. Pham Duc Phuc closed out the workshop with a training summary and awarded certificates to all of the participants.



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