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Agreement of One Health training programs and issues associated with Gender in One Health and Emerging Pandemic Threats

On 14-16 June, 2016, VOHUN NCO successfully organized two activities in Hue (i) Agreement of One Health training programs by Vietnamese universities and (ii) Mainstreaming of Gender in One Health and Emerging Pandemic Threats. The first workshop aimed to (i) summarize the results of OH curriculum reviewing activities at individual institutions (ii) develop plans to integrate One Health content or modules into existing training programs of each VOHUN university member. The second workshop aimed to introduce the issues surrounding gender mainstreaming in One Health and gender and Emerging Pandemic Threats. Participants included more than 40 lecturers from VOHUN universities, representatives from the General Department of Preventive Medicine and the Vietnam One Health Partnership for Zoonoses and colleagues from Tufts University and the University of Minnesota.

During the first workshop, each university presented their progress on One Health training. Most university members have integrated One Health concepts and some One Health competencies into their existing curricula. Two universities have implemented One Health as an elective module for public health and preventive medicine students. After discussion, plans for integrating One Health into the curricula were developed for each university. As a result, Hai Phong University of Medicine and Pharmacy and Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy propose to teach One Health as a compulsory subject, starting in 2017. Four universities will develop One Health as an elective module for bachelor and masters-level students. All university members have committed to applying the 14 OHCC and Technical OH subjects into existing courses. The group agreed that integration of modules as elective or compulsory subjects depended on the situation at each university. It is important to note however that all faculties have committed to providing students with the best experiences in OH and CC training in classes, fieldtrips and by supporting OH clubs.

In the subsequent workshop on gender training, the participants were able to (i) recognize gender and cultural issues in global health (ii) identify resources to address the issues and (iii) analyze how gender and culture impact on, and are impacted by, global and emerging pandemic health threats. Many group activities were designed and implemented during this training, and all participants joined in enthusiastically. The training was very informative and useful for VOHUN members and will hopefully be expanded upon with a full one-week gender and health course in Year 3. 

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