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Workshop on Developing first draft of training material and textbook for zoonotic modules

From 28th – 29th February 2016, Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) and VOHUN National Coordinating Office held the wokshop on Developing first draft training material and textbook for zoonoses modules. The main objectives of the workshop were to: i) discuss and revise the draft textbook; ii) develop a timeline to completion and iii) develop a plan for piloting the modules.

Photo: Participants at the workshop

Participants to the workshop comprised of 30 lectures from VOHUN members who wrote the textbook and the expert from Tufts University. The textbook is approximately 278 pages. After one and half day hard work with ebullient debate, all participants get consensus as follow:

The new modules will broadly follow the format:

     Chapter I: One health and the One health approach

     Chapter II: Overview of zoonoses

     Chapter III: Microbiotic zoonoses

     Chapter IV: Parasitic zoonoses

     Chapter V: Prevention and control of zoonoses using the One health approach (including case studies)

Photo: Dr. Thau - the Head of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, VNUA 

introduced textbook first draft


This module will be a 3-credit course, with 30 hour of lectures and 15 hours of practice. VNUA try to have a final revised book ready by May 20th 2016. Piloting will initially be carried out at VNUA. In addition, almost participants agreed that the book need to make relevant to multiple disciplines, and the content need to be well-balanced and relatively simple for the understanding of bachelor student.  


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