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One Health Core Competency and Curricula Mapping

On September 28-30, 2013,  workshop of One Health Core Competency (OHCC) and Curricula Mapping was organized in Can Tho. The OHCC initiative has involved U.S partner organization, the South East Asia One Health University Network (SEAOHUN), and the One Health Central and East Africa (OHCEA) university network, as well as Vietnam One Health University Network (VOHUN) in building a competency framework on which both in-service and pre-service curricula can be designed and initiated. The OHCC framework encompasses three levels of program and curriculum development: 1) Country level competencies to facilitate curriculum development to meet the needs of institutions and programs within a specific country; 2) Regional level competencies to facilitate coordination of curriculum development within a regional network such as SEAOHUN or OHCEA; and 3) Global level competencies to facilitate sharing curriculum development across regional and network boundaries. Within this framework core competencies are defined as knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes needed by every member of a One Health outbreak team for prevention, surveillance, or response. 

Participants in OHCC workshop September 28th – 30th, 2013 in Can Tho city

Curriculum Mapping (CM) workshop was held to discuss the OHCC in relation to existing curricula and to train participants in CM techniques. A number of faculties used their own curricula for the mapping exercise and identified gaps related to the competencies that they will work with RESPOND to fill in the future.

The overall goal of the workshop was to concisely review the One Health program and OHCC to the staffs in relation to major areas. The workshop also provided appropriate conditions for closely making connection between faculties. The workshop introduced OHCC Domains and Core Competencies associated with sharing faculties' experience so that the appropriate OHCC curricula would be established in their institutions. Target audiences of the workshop are mostly from lecturers/researchers of institutions which offer programs of human medicine and veterinary in Vietnam. 

More details of the course and course material can be found here.


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